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There are so many products out there that claim to cure pain, but unfortunately, not all of those products meet our high quality standards and expectations.

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Arthritis and Joint Pain Causes, Symptoms

Arthritis and Joint Pain Causes, Symptoms

Arthritis is an inflammation of one or more joints caused by the wear and tear injury or any infection. This inflamed condition of the joints is mostly seen in the elderly people. It comes from two Greek words, athron meaning joints and it is meaning inflammation.

It affects almost half of the population of the world. About 50 million people in the United States suffer from one or the other type of arthritis. It is more common than cancer and heart problems. In brief we can say that it is the condition that affects the health of the bone joints in the body.

Arthritis refers to the more than 100 distinct diseases that cause pain and swelling, and limit movement in joints and connective tissue. The common types of arthritis are-

1. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis results from the loss of bone tissue from the joints and is also known as degenerative arthritis. It mostly occurs with the preceding age.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis affects the people above the age of 40. It is more dangerous than osteoarthritis as it affects the ligaments and tendons that join the bones and muscles.

3. Gout

Gout mostly affects men who are above the age of 40 years and is caused by the excess accumulation of uric acid in the spaces between the joints causing intense pain and inflammation of the joints.

Symptoms Of Arthritis

The various symptoms of arthritis are:

  • Joint pain
  • Swelling of joints
  • Limitation of movement
  • Swelling of joints
  • Stiffness of the joints

There are many types of arthritis and each of them has a different cause of occurrence.

Common Causes Of Arthritis

The common causes of arthritis are:

  • Obesity and overweight
  • Preceding age
  • Heredity factors
  • Hormonal changes
  • Weather changes
  • Excessive acid in the body
  • Nutrient deficiencies

Homeopathic Remedies For Joint Pain – Reliever Achy Joints

Homeopathy and homeopathic remedies were developed by a German doctor by the name of Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann in 1824; he was an influential physician, linguist, chemist and medical historian. The word Homeopathy was derived from the Greek words ‘homios’ and ‘pathos’ which means similar suffering.

It is based on the administering of minute measured quantities of a cure, that once given to individuals that are in good medically fit condition, it will create comparable symptoms like that of the actually disease. The theory is called ‘similia similibus curentur’ which is Greek for ‘like is cured by like’. The belief is that the human body has the ability to heal itself and the aim is to enhance these healing qualities naturally.

Homeopathic, All Natural, Joint Pain Relief

Homeopathic remedies are wholly made from all natural plant, animal and mineral resources. The process takes the resources through a wide range of dilutions that then enable it to reach the potential it was intended to have. The higher the levels of dilutions the more potent a remedy the resource produces.

Today, there are countless of remedies readily available on the market for individuals to choose from, once individuals start on these homeopathic remedies, no pharmaceutical drugs that were artificially created will be prescribed.

Some of the most collective complaints in the medical fraternity is that of joint and muscle pain. They can range from acute, such as a sports related injury, or intermittent like a recurring shoulder pain or chronic as in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid.

The two most common chronic joint pains are rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, so if a homeopathic remedy can have an impact on these, it can surely have an impact on the acute and intermittent joint pain.

Why Homeopathy for Joint Pain?

Homeopathy is used especially in the treatment of joint pain, such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis which causes pain, sometimes excruciating in the wrists, hands, feet and other joints. There can also be swelling, stiffness, deformity and immobility.

One of the homeopathic remedies approved for the treatment of joint pain is Eazol. Eazol is a FDA registered pain reliever and it has the additional benefit of being homeopathic and 100% natural.

Using Homeopathic Remedies For Joint Pain

Many of the usual and widely used medicines for the treatment of joint pain try to behave like homeopathic remedies, but they eventually cause allergic reactions, pain in other places of the body, headaches, dizziness, vomiting, swelling and the list goes on.

There are no artificial ingredients or chemicals in Eazol, it will not irritate your stomach nor will it cause the onslaught of unwanted, unpleasant, negative side effects. Millions of individuals across this nation experience the antagonizing aches and pains that apparently are part and parcel of living, but that has all come to an end, through the introduction of Eazol.

As stated, Eazol is not just for relief of rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, but do you have a shoulder that is sore?, or a stiff neck?, or knees the creak and crack as you get up in the morning, then soothe that pain with the tested, approved homeopathic remedy of Eazol.

When it seems like you are unable to face the day because of the achy joints, take Eazol. Eazol begins to work almost immediately on those annoying aches and pains; it stops the throbbing in minutes.

Over the years rules of practice were established so that homeopathy could live on for many more years to come. These rules include that only one remedy should be given at any one time, surgery must only be done as outlined in the Aphorism 186 of the Organon, it is a necessity that all remedies be potential and that is was not homeopathic to use rudimentary medicines, local treatments or any other means to subdue the symptoms of a disease.

The Benefits of Homeopathic Remedies

The homeopathic remedies, such as Eazol, have been documented to improve the overall well-being and health of individuals, they have also been known to strengthen the immune system and thereby prevent diseases.

Other benefits of this form of treatment are as follows:

1. Safety

There are no adverse side effects and can therefore be administered to children of an age and adults alike, it can be also given to pregnant women. The defence mechanism in the body is also said to be stimulated by these remedies. Since these remedies are derived from all natural ingredients, it can be consumed safely.

2. Harmonious

Orthodox medicines suppresses the symptoms of harmful diseases, while the homeopathic remedies boost the immune system, by working in sync with the body and directly attacking the threat to the body by improving the overall health of the body so that it can fight off the threat.

3. Cure

Homeopathy has been proven to be quite effective; a speedy recovery can be fast-tracked by proper, accurate diagnosis of the disease that is attacking the individual. Homeopathy has been effectively used for the treatment of acute to chronic diseases.

4. Administering

Pills that are sweet to the taste or drops that contain the remedy are used in administering techniques. This is especially beneficial for children as the remedy is now considered sweet.

5. Holistic

The holistic approve to the homeopathic remedies means that the treatment does not only attack the symptoms as in most medicines, but it treats the cause of the disease and inevitably it retards the possibility of the disease returning.

6. Price

Compared to ayurvedic and allopathic medicines, the homeopathic remedies are more economical, in that when the cost is calculated it works out cheaper.

All the above benefits listed are encapsulated in the product, Eazol, one of the leading all-natural homeopathic remedies for the management of joint pain. Another benefit of using Eazol is that you do not require a prescription, the product is an over the counter item and is readily available online.


Joint pain is not something to play around with and to have access to homeopathic remedies such as Eazol is amazing. For individuals that have started to utilize homeopathy in dealing with their joint pain relief this is quite commendable and an intelligent move on your part, you just cannot go wrong with the homeopathy system and homeopathic remedies like Eazol.

Natural Joint Pain Relief

Is aching joints have been bothering you? The quest for joint pain relief is no longer just for the elderly, even children can experience this. But what can you do for joint pain relief? Start saying goodbye to your pain and welcome relief by following these guidelines.

On the very moment you feel the pain, apply ice packs. Do it every hour. Protect your skin from direct contact with ice by using a towel to hold the ice pack. Keeping the affected area above heat level can quickly reduce the pain.

Massage helps reduce pain and joint stiffness. Massage the affected area with a liniment to ease the pain. Liniment is known for fast muscle pain relief action as they contain either camphor or peppermint essential oils.

You can use peppermint, clove, and cinnamon essential oils to make liniments that can relieve joint pains. These have both heating and cooling properties that help stimulate the endings of nerves, when applied to the skin.

Joint pain is sometimes caused by the heavy weight of the body. Exercise like swimming, biking, and walking will not just help and keep you physically fit but are also excellent joint pain relief.

Take some medication such as acetaminophen for direct pain relief or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs the most prescribed medication for back pain. They make you feel better, or at least they help you forget about the pain.

A physical therapist individualizes your treatment program to restore or maintain your physical functioning. They know what’s best for you! Some have gone to alternative approaches for joint pain relief like acupuncture, an ancient Chinese technique where slim needles are use to stimulate points along the body’s “energy meridians” to correct disease-causing imbalances.

Studies found that people with knee osteoarthritis that had acupuncture for six months reported less pain and better function than people who participated in an arthritis education program. Flexoplex is a natural joints pain relief formula.

Joint Pain Relief

A person who has chronic joint pain has to face many life-altering challenges. He has to learn a lot of important actions in order to deal with the situation.

Joint pain usually cannot be cured one hundred percent, but it is possible to get significant relief from joint pains. Many different forms of treatment can be used like exercise, braces, as well as medication, natural supplements and of course, surgery.

Once you reach the age of 45, various forms of joints pain will become a part of your adult life. This usually begins with creaking in different joints, such as, wrist, ankle and elbow, besides the hips and knees. It could be because of arthritis, or due to an injury.

The cause of joint pain in wrist, ankle, besides knees or elbow is due to repetitive motion. The most common form of wrist pain is tennis elbow. The tendon tends to get inflamed. This could be due to playing different sports or because of job related overuse of that particular joint.

Treatment in order to get joint relief mainly depends on the cause of it. Besides aging as well as over usage of the joint, other causes of pains in the joints include injuries, Bursitis as well as Arthritis, Rheumatic Fever, or Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.

The most common approach to treating joints pain is through prescription medicine. But this mostly deals with the symptoms only, and not with the real cause. Exercises as well as natural supplements are much more effective in treating the cause.

Constant twisting tends to irritate the tendons which results in pain. This is a warning sign from the body. It is better to consult a doctor in order to make sure that a fracture has not taken place or any small particles of bone or ligament have not broken and become loose which is causing this irritation. In such a case, the only cure is a relatively simple surgery in order to remove the loose fragments.

Rheumatoid Arthritis assaults its victims aggressively and abruptly. It’s not rare for many to become effectively impaired by the point they in the end attain their prognosis. The reason behind this is that the early symptoms are usually disregarded as run-of-the-mill pains and stiffness that individuals all experience for some reason or other.

More and more people are beginning to explore herbal pain relief choices for their joint disease. The soreness and resulting inflammation is often alleviated along with a number of different natural remedies. Cetyl myristoleate is an herbal compound that researchers have shown is effective in soothing arthritis pain naturally.

A huge number of sufferers are experiencing favourable benefits with CM8. It serves as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory in addition to being a modulator for your immune system, due to its multiple biological properties. Taken by mouth, this all natural element is a refined waxy ester that’s been significantly purified. Its long lasting quality in the body happens because it’s very resistant to oxidation.

As much as side effects go, there have been zero harmful experiences observed in humans or animals, even if taken in very high quantities. It acts at the precise spot where joint inflammation develops.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are a couple of the greater well known organic substances found in the management of joint disease. They’re present in several different products in various combinations together as well as separately. Interestingly, though would be that the emerging interest in CM8 is beginning to surpass these conventional ingredients in the remediation of joint and muscle agony.

Memory T-cells that are responsible for producing irritation and swelling in the joints are also held in check by CMO. Cetyl myristoleate CMO assists in the creation and maintenance of normal joint lubricants because of it fatty acid quality. It also feeds the body with the sulphur necessary to produce collagen, cartilage and other connective tissues.

Flexcin International is amongst the leading manufacturers of cetyl myristoleate. Flexcin show that it is a powerful joint pain remedy which helps in the reduction of rheumatism, fibromyalgia, gout and other causes of chronic discomfort.

It is crucial that the patient keep reasonable expectations of results using this herbal treatment or any other one. If you are suffering from a significant degenerative illness that has been advancing for a lengthy period of time, you aren’t likely to experience miraculous results over night. These things take time.

With respect to the individual’s situations as well as the seriousness of their problem, results may be experienced as early as a couple of weeks to as long as two months.

As with most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This implies beginning your fight against joint disease at a very young age. Begin practicing good nutrition habits early such as consuming daily vitamin supplements. The earlier you take part in supplementing your well balanced diet the more you will be able to prevent the effects of Arthritis symptoms when you’re elderly.

It is essential to look after your cartilage and joint fluids all through your system and maintain your range of motion while you grow older. The challenge is that as you age your joints have a natural tendency to dry up.

Sustaining adequate range of motion inside the joints and staying pain free would be the two basic objectives in the pursuit of organic arthritis treatments. This really is important to maintain joint health. With adequate supplements and a balanced diet, connective tissue and lubricants can be rebuilt and greater mobility restored.

More and more folks are sustaining injuries as they take up weight-lifting, frequently on the advice of a doctor. Lifting weights is a clinically proven way of stimulating muscle and bone mass to become stronger, extremely crucial as we head into maturity and advanced age.

Minor difficulties may be treated topically with something like an arthritis pain relief gel, but generally speaking prevention is much better than cure and appropriate lifting techniques will go a long way towards ensuring safe and healthy workouts.

Yes, it seems ironic but if you work out in the wrong way with bad technique you can in fact hurt yourself. Thus several don’t understand all there is involved in something like weight-lifting and so get hurt unnecessarily.

Of course, almost no one learns to ride a bicycle without falling, and therefore some amount of similar trial and error is to be expected when it comes to lifting weights as well.

However, correct form is essential, and unlike riding a bike lifting weights might seem deceptively simple. It is and it isn’t. That means that in some ways it can be, and in other ways it is not. An arthritis pain relief gel can only do so much for myofascial pain relief if you simply have no idea what you’re doing.

But what is most important is to learn to listen to your body. Learn to distinguish discomfort from pain, and minor aches from serious pains. Some level of soreness and even fatigue is natural, but complicating matters is the fact that everybody is different.

A genetically gifted athlete will usually be able to recover much faster than those not similarly endowed, though all may benefit from some kind of muscle pain relief gel, depending on the exact circumstances involved. The key is to learn, and think intelligently – even when lifting weights!

The Best Supplements To A Natural Joints Pain Relief

Striking people of all ages and all walks of life, chronic joint pain can be a devastating illness with widespread lifestyle impact. Commonly thought to only afflict the elderly or those suffering from arthritis, in reality joint pain can just as easily affect younger people who find them sitting for long hours at a desk and in front of a computer.

Without adequate exercise and mobility to keep joints well lubricated, it is very easy for complications to develop and pain to set in.

Any area in the body where two or more bones come together is referred to as a joint. These joints function as a hinge and allow for movement among these bones. Pain can set in if the joint is injured due to a blow or other impact or accident. Ligaments can be torn or sprains which, if left untreated, can lead to instability of the joint. Knees, elbows, shoulders and the neck or common trouble spots for pain and discomfort.

Another source of joint pain is from inflammation due to disorders such as arthritis. Arthritis is a prevalent health concern of people as they grow older. This disease involves the breakdown of cartilage and results in pain, swelling and decreased movement. There are different forms of arthritis, but they all wreak havoc on the joints and leave the sufferer in extreme discomfort.

When it comes to joint pain relief, everybody is different and consequently everybody will have their own best remedy that they are most responsive to. As technology advances, there are continuously new methods being tested and released to the public.

The most common solutions range from lifestyle changes like exercises to prescription medications to all natural herbal solutions. All of these treatments have their place depending on the specific circumstances of the individual.

Cetyl Myristoleate and Glucosamine is a couple of the most frequently used natural supplements for the treatment of joint pain. They have each proven their ability to nourish and lubricate joint tissue. They do not bring with them any unwanted side-effects because they are all natural in their composition. They are also less expensive than prescription medications.

Unfortunately, chronic joint pain can be a serious lifestyle inhibitor for those who are afflicted. Fortunately, there are viable treatments to address this condition.

On the market today, there are a number of products that have been rigorously evaluated and proven their effectiveness at treating arthritis and other similar diseases. Still, it is always recommended that you consult with your doctor to determine what the most appropriate solution is for you and your specific circumstances.

Relief Your Arthritis In The Neck

Pain in the neck muscles is often a result of spasms and too much stretching of the neck muscles. An inflammation in the neck joints can also lead to this condition. If your cervical vertebrae get injured or you have arthritis, then this too can give rise to pain and stiffness in the neck.

Sleeping with a pillow that doesn’t suit your head and is not symmetrical can be a reason for the stiffness in your neck. If you stay in the posture resting your forehead on your arm or hand for a considerable length of time, then that too can lead to pain and stiffness in your neck muscles. However, a correction in your posture and the knowledge of your body movements can take care of the conditions triggering the neck pain and stiffness.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, stiffness can also be caused by receiving an injury in the head or neck region. If the nerve supplying to the neck region gets affected, then the nerve impulses may not get transmitted properly and this can cause pain. Similarly, too much exercising of the neck muscles can also strain the neck muscles.

There are several ways to relieve neck pain and stiffness. One of the best natural ways to prevent neck pain is to adopt a good body posture. If the pain is worse at the end of the day, analyze what you did during the day. When you work on a computer, the top of your screen should be at eye level and you should take short breaks periodically to avoid sitting in the same position for a long time as it adversely affects the blood circulation.

Exercise your neck once a day to strengthen your muscles. When you sleep on your side, keep the nose aligned with the central axis of your body. Keep your head straight, not tilted towards the ground.

If you have more pains in the neck in the morning, think about how you sleep and what you did yesterday. You may also consider replacing your present mattress with a firmer mattress.

While the aforesaid methods can relieve your stiff neck and reduce your neck pain, you should seek professional assistance from a doctor if your situation doesn’t improve with any of the above procedures.

If the pain in your neck is accompanied by a radiating pain in the arm or a tingling sensation in your fingers, then you may have a pinched nerve in your neck and you should fix an appointment with the doctor and get yourself examined.