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Best Dental Pain Relief

Looking for best dental pain relief? Check these top products from pain management category.

Recommendation No. 1
DenTek Instant Oral Pain Relief Maximum Strength Kit for Toothaches | 50 Count
  • 1 Pack; Each pack includes 1 bottle of Benzocaine (20%), 50 Count Disposable Applicators, Applicator Handle, and a Carrying Case
  • Get instant relief from severe toothaches with Maximum Strength DenTek Instant Oral Pain Relief
  • No fingers, No mess; Single use disposable applicators; Dentist Recommended.
  • Helps relieve toothaches, sore gums, mouth sores, gum irritation, canker sores, cold sores, braces irritation, and denture irritation.
  • Sanitary applicator targets pain areas with precision; Clean Mint flavor leaves the mouth feeling fresh.
Recommendation No. 2
Anbesol Gel Maximum Strength - Instant Oral Pain Relief for Toothaches, Canker Sores, Sore Gums, Denture Pain - 0.33 oz
  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Instant oral pain relief for mouth and gum irritation due to toothaches, canker sores, sore gums, denture pain, and minor dental procedures. Use with dentures to relieve discomfort.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH: Instant relief that takes you from ouch to ahhh, So, oral pain doesn’t hold you back. Formulated with 20% Benzocaine to offer maximum strength pain relief and instantly soothe mouth pain and dental irritation
  • EASY TO USE: Cut the Tube Tip for easy access to the oral pain relief you need; Adults and children 2 years and over. Not for use in children under 2 years of age.
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Benzocaine 20% Oral anesthetic for pain relief.
Recommendation No. 3
Orajel 4X for Toothache & Gum Pain: Severe Cream Tube 0.33oz- from #1 Oral Pain Relief Brand- Orajel for Instant Pain Relief
  • INSTANT PAIN RELIEF: Instant pain relief with Orajel’s unique 4X clinical strength formula to help relieve pain of the tooth and gums
  • 4X ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: With 4 active ingredients, Orajel Cream provides fast acting and maximum strength relief when you need it most
  • KILLS HARMFUL BACTERIA: Unique formula is designed to help kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, and can help to prevent infections
  • COOLING RELIEF: To help relieve gum irritation, Orajel 4X cream contains cooling relief
  • EASY OPEN: Now with a Ready-Open Tube Tip for easy access to the relief you need. A convenient remedy for use at home or on the go
Recommendation No. 4
Toothache & Nerve Pain in Jaw Bio23, 300 pellets, for Relief of Trigeminal Neuralagia Associated Muscle Spasms, Painful Cavities, Tooth Sensitivity and Pain After Dental Work
  • This product is absolutely AMAZING for some people, but not everyone. If you don't get a great result, we'll issue a refund with no questions or attitude.
  • ANTI-SPASMODIC QUALITY sometimes eases pain and inflammation of trigeminal neuralgia and dental surgery
  • MINERAL SUPPLEMENT boosts regeneration of nerves and enamel post-dental drilling or oral surgery
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED of refund your full purchase price if Bio23 does not meet your expectations
  • ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS HAVE 100% GUARANTEE. If you are unhappy for any reason and we do not resolve it, We will refund 110% of the original Purchase price. Our goal is to help you and we stand behind our products.
Recommendation No. 5
Safetec Oral Pain Relief.75 g Packets, Box of 144,85463
72 Customer Reviews
Safetec Oral Pain Relief.75 g Packets, Box of 144,85463
  • package height : 16.992 cm
  • package length : 8.610 cm
  • package width : 9.194 cm
Recommendation No. 6
Benzodent Dental Pain Relieving Cream Topical Anesthetic, 1 Ounce Tube
  • FOR DENTAL PAIN: Benzodent provides temporary relief of pain for oral discomfort caused by dentures, braces or sores, with the maximum amount of benzocaine allowed in an over the counter oral product.
  • LONG LASTING RELIEF: Benzodent is a thick topical cream that provides pain relief with the strength of benzocaine. The unique formula cushions & adheres to gums for pain relief that lasts for hours.
  • GREAT FOR DENTURES OR BRACES: Dentures & braces can rub against your gums, tongue, or the inside of your cheeks and lips causing painful sores. Benzodent numbs the area for temporary pain relief.
  • CONTAINS BENZOCAINE: Benzodent is a highly effective temporarily oral pain relief cream with the maximum strength of Benzocaine. Don't suffer through your meals or lie awake at night with mouth pain.
  • BENZODENT BRINGS PROVEN RELIEF: Benzodent is the dentist-preferred topical anesthetic to temporarily relieve oral pain associated with new or ill-fitting dentures, orthodontics or other mouth sores.
Recommendation No. 8
GoodBye Toothaches – Tooth Ache Pain Relief with Clove Bud Oil, Peppermint Oil; Homeopathic Remedy for Tooth Pain Made from Essential Oils and Omega 9; Relieves Mouth Pain and Reduces Inflammation
  • An Herbal Remedy that helps to stop Tooth Aches: We all know how wonderful cloves and peppermint are for mouth care – that’s why they are main ingredients in teeth care products! We’ve created a winning combination of ingredients solely that would help relieving your discomfort with chronic tooth pain and sore gums!
  • Use Nature’s Bounty to Improve Health: Our organic clove bud essential oil is richer and more concentrated than clove oil and it would help you in feeling instant relief! And, our organic peppermint oil helps deeply to decrease inflammation that causes pain!
  • Organic Ingredients for Your Health: We chose only the best for you! With enriching and nourishing Omega 3 and 9, the organic peppermint and clove bud oils blend!
  • Trust GoodBye Products for Your Well-Being: Our master herbalists understand the powers of each plant’s essential oil and how to blend them so they play to each other’s strengths! Each of our products is created for very specific ailments. Try them for a host of beneficial remedies!
  • Hassle Free Purchase: We are committed to the quality of our products and to offering the best cus-tomer service possible. If you have any issues with your order or product, please contact us right away so that we can make sure you walk away a happy customer.
Recommendation No. 9
HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic Gel Watermelon - 1 oz.
  • HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic Gel Watermelon - 1 oz.
Recommendation No. 10
TAL’S Red Light Oral Health Dental Device | Red Light Therapy for Immediate Relief of Tooth Pain Gum Sensitivity | Promotes Healing of Tissue & Bone | Reduces Bacteria, Inflammation and Receding Gums
  • We manufactured another batch & due to the times, the units cost much more & caused us to need to raise the price. THIS IS AN ORAL REMEDY TO END THE TORTURE: Suffering from oral pain is horrible. It leads to headaches & overall discomfort, threatening your productivity & lifestyle. Shine a light on that pain & end it now. Take control with TAL’S Oral Care Light Therapy system, a non-invasive treatment for soothing, gentle oral relief in as little as 10 minutes & up to 20 minutes MAX per session.
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY TEETH WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY: Stop relying on over-the-counter treatments that don’t work and instead do everything possible to maintain great oral health. TAL’S Red Light Oral Therapy device is truly revolutionary, using advanced LED engineering to combat tooth pain and promote the healing of tissue and bone - without digesting harmful chemicals.
  • TAKE CARE OF THE HARMFUL ORGANISMS & FRESHEN YOUR BREATH: Harmful microorganisms jeopardize your overall health by producing breeding grounds for periodontal and gum disease, allowing for infections and cavities to run rampant in your mouth. TAL’S safe and effective red light therapy helps to regenerate your gum line and control the harmful bacteria, that threaten your winning smile, BY ALLOWING THE "GOOD GUYS" TO FLOURISH!
  • ALWAYS BE READY TO FIGHT THE PAIN: Halt the damage and make your teeth mighty and powerful no matter where you are. Toss the portable kit in your bag and always be ready to fight the pain immediately. Sitting in traffic with a terrible toothache? Plug the red-light device in & treat– instant relief.
  • THE BEST GIFT FOR ANYONE WITH TEETH: Looking for a gentle, natural, low-cost, tooth & gum care treatment, for teens to seniors, whether Your own, implants or dentures - with metal or plastic braces! Our device has passed 3rd party lab testing. 100% TRUE Red Light Therapy & VERY effective with regular daily use over a long period of time. No Quick fix! REALLY WORKS, IF USED! "wavelengths ranging 400–1000NM are proven to eliminate the "BAD GUYS"! Our device Peaks at 635NM covering: 570NM-685NM.

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