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How Can I Tell If I Have Arthritis?

How Can I Tell If I Have Arthritis

Arthritis affects people in various ways. The degree of discomfort and pain will also vary depending on the type of arthritis that besieged your joints. However, the general symptoms are all fairly similar. That is why, if your body is ravaged by one or more types of this disease, you will probably recognize it for what it is.

However, it should be safer for you to seek professional medical consultation to make sure what kind of ailment you’re suffering from. This is imperative if you want to relieve arthritis pain faster and at the soonest possible time to mitigate its effects.

You will know you have osteoarthritis if you had been feeling some pain and soreness when you put pressure against your joint and the feeling gets worse slowly over time. You will observe some stiffness in your joints when you get up in the morning and you would probably feel some jarring awareness every time you move your joints.

You will also feel some solid bumps and maybe even swelling around the joint’s area. This medical condition will mostly affect your spine, hips, knees and hands. So, if you are feeling some stiffness and soreness in these parts of your body, you most probably have arthritis.

Sometimes, you may feel the symptoms indicated above and more, such as rapid weight loss and feeling exhausted most of the time. If you feel these signs and the pain, stiffness and soreness is concentrated mostly on the same joints of the wrists, fingers, arms and legs, then you are definitely suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis.

Furthermore, such type of arthritis manifests redness and bloated joints. This type of disease usually starts on the smaller joints first and if left untreated, can spread to hands, wrists, shoulders, neck and jaw.

To relieve arthritis, pain might not be your top priority as of this time but in due time, you will not have anything else in your mind. The agony would be excruciating sometimes that it would leave you feeling drained more than ever.

Another type of arthritis (Infectious arthritis) will have you suffering from swelling of joints while running a fever. You will not mistake the signs for anything else, when the fever and inflammation of joints come after an injury or another ailment.

You will experience severe, jagged pain amidst all the other symptoms, especially in the shoulder, wrist, elbow, finger and knees. However, unlike rheumatoid arthritis where multiple joints are affected at once, infectious arthritis will only affect one particular joint.

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