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How To Control Arthritis Pain At Home?

How To Control Arthritis Pain At Home

Temperature therapy is the most basic home treatment option. No matter if you choose cold packs or some forms producing heat, both these are very helpful to relieve from joint pain. Placing cold packs on and around the affected joint will help to numb area thus swelling and inflammation will be reduced.

On the other hand, heat helps the muscles to relax and stimulates the blood circulation. Heating lamps and heating pads are forms of dry heat; baths and heated wash cloths are forms of moist heat.

1. Sleep therapy

While we sleep, not even our body’s restore the energy, but also we are less sensitive to pain. Also, while we lie in the bed, the pressure on the bear wearing joints is lowered to minimum. All of these therefore help to decrease swelling and pain related to arthritis.

The need of sleep is strongly individual, but seven to nine hours is the average for most of the people. Also a quick nap throughout the day can be helpful, so anytime you feel sleepy and you have the possibility, go for it.

2. Provailen – Recommended Arthritis Pain Relief Supplement

Provailen is a 100% natural supplement approved by doctors that provides arthritis pain relief, reduces swelling and inflammation and ensures better flexibility. Unlike other similar products, Provailen was clinically tested and is endorsed by most fitness professionals. It relieves arthritis pain, 100% natural and safe ingredients Boosts immune system.

3. Massage therapy

Massaging the muscles around the affected area can bring short up to mid-lasting arthritis pain relief. This type of therapy can be done either by yourself or you can visit a professional.

However, if you want to try this therapy at home by yourself:

– Stop immediately if you begin to experience pain

– Don’t massage the muscles around extremely painful joints

– Use some oil or lotion to help the massaging procedure

4. Relaxation therapy

Relaxation therapy helps reducing the pain connected to arthritis and allows the sufferer to have a sense of well-being and control their everyday life. It is crucial that the arthritis sufferer learns ways how to control and calm the mind and body.

There are various forms of relaxation therapy; however hypnosis and guided imagery are the most common. Also, a simple prayer is very relaxing for some people.

5. Herbal therapy

Herbal therapy comes in a form of pills most of the time. These herbal supplements work by removing the primary cause of the joint pain and help reduce the arthritis inflammation and stiffness.

Provailen is such an herbal anti-arthritis product that is proven to help reduce arthritis pain. Patients using Provailen have experienced an arthritis pain relief and an improvement in their overall night sleep.

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