Therapain Plus - Natural Pain Relief Spray

Therapain Plus is a natural and safe way to treat and get to the source of your painful tendons, bursa, muscles, joints and/or nerve inflammation, without the harmful side effects of prescription medications.

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This unique formulation contains a proprietary penetrating skin conditioner that works synergistically with the 14,000 mg of MSM and Glucosamine, well known supplements that target the muscles and joints of your body, to allow the formula to penetrate deeper down to where you need it most.

Here are the top 10 Reasons You Must take Therapain Plus:

  1. Highest Combined Concentration of Glucosamine and MSM in a Topical Solution (14,000mg): A few formulas claim that they contain these two ingredients, but in minuscule amounts.
  2. Natural Pain Relief: No EWG listed hazardous chemical ingredients such as DMDM Hydantoin.
  3. Over 28 Times More Glucosamine and MSM Per Area than Pill Form: Pills work from the inside out and affect the whole body, whereas our high levels average 28 times the amount of concentration directly over the affected area by going from the outside in.
  4. No Processing or Heating up of Ingredients to destroy natural Potency: The heat used to bind creams and lotions can harm fragile ingredients like MSM. Therapain Plus uses cold infusion.
  5. More Effective Pain Relief without Dangerous Side Effects: Therapain Plus is applied topically, so it penetrates rapidly and can be safely combined with other medications.
  6. Doctor tested and manufactured in the USA.
  7. Unique, Penetrating Natural Ingredients: Most gels, creams and lotions add waxy substances which do not absorb well. Therapain Plus uses an easy to absorb liquid base and a proprietary natural skin conditioner to allow penetration down to where you need it most!
  8. With Over 500 Sprays, it Lasts Longer requires no rubbing, with Easy Application & Convenient Travel.
  9. It is non-greasy, no lingering smell, and won’t stain clothes.
  10. 365-day Money Back Guarantee: Return the unused portion of your bottle within 1 year and we will refund the full cost of the bottle! With an over 99% success rating, we’re confident you will love our product!