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What Alternative Treatments Are There For Arthritis?

What Alternative Treatments Are There For Arthritis

There are a great many “alternative” treatments for arthritis, for example; Dietary supplements, herbal remedies, acupuncture, aromatherapy, apitherapy, manipulation, massage, artificial aids (e.g. copper bracelets), essential oils, prayer (faith healing), homeopathy, hypnosis, magnetism, medication, and many more.

Some of these will have been a help to some of you, but all sufferers know that in the long run most of these treatments will only give short term relief, if at all and probably having tried many of them to no avail.

This is why it is time to listen to those that have found long term relief from the pain and suffering, for example, it has been proven that a specific anti arthritis diet has worked! If you stick to the diet, you can rid yourself of the disease. Powerful! But true!

When you are in great pain, and taking multitudes of pain killers, if you are like many sufferers, then you will try almost anything to alleviate the symptoms. And it is through that will to better their lifestyles, and health, that they have discovered the diet that gave them their lives back!

You have probably seen adverts for oils from Australia, developed by the Aborigines, and have heard of people injecting WD-40 into their joints. Recently there was a case for “gin soaked raisins” (maybe this is for the alcoholics only) there are lists of nutritional supplements as long as your arm, but which ones to try?

There are certain countries and certain races of people that do not suffer the same percentages of arthritis as the “Western World”, and we have to ask ourselves why this is?

The answer lies in their diets and lifestyles, and it is through studying these people, and their way of life, that we can begin to comprehend why they are in better health than us (generally speaking), with lower rates of heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, blood pressure, strokes, etc.

If you, as an arthritis sufferer are willing to try something different, but with the benefit of knowing that there will be no “side effects” from the drug regime, and you are willing to change your lifestyle a little, to change your diet and the way that you think about the food that you eat, then you could benefit enormously.

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