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What Is Degenerative Arthritis?

What Is Degenerative Arthritis?

Degenerative arthritis is one of the most difficult of the more than one hundred different types of arthritis to deal with. This illness is also referred to as osteoarthritis and degenerative osteoarthritis. Degenerative arthritis is most frequently caused as a result of cartilage breakdown and loss the joints.

The feet, hands, and spine are the parts of the body that are most commonly affected by degenerative arthritis. The majority of degenerative arthritis cases do not have a known cause and are termed as primary osteoarthritis, which is frequently abbreviated as OA.


Degenerative arthritis has its own set of symptoms that are related to this illness, much like other forms of arthritis have their own specific symptoms.

Knowing which symptoms are related to degenerative arthritis will let you know if you are beginning to exhibit signs of this disease. That will allow you to speak with your doctor as soon as possible if you fear you are developing this problem.

Since osteoarthritis affects the joints directly, the grand majority of the symptoms related to this disease are seen in the joints and adjoining areas.

The most frequently observed symptom of osteoarthritis is pain in the joints that are used repetitively. Swelling in the joints and a feeling of warmth are two additional symptoms. All of these symptoms become worse as the disease progresses.


You need to start determining what treatment plan will work best for you as soon as you have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. An effective plan will let you prevent this disease from encroaching on your ability to live a normal life.

Even though there is not yet any cure for degenerative arthritis, several effective treatments are available to people who suffer from this disease. You need to figure out which treatment will be best in your case.

There are various prescription medications that are accessible for osteoarthritis, but make sure that you are educated on a medication and aware of the side effects if any associated with it before starting on it. You will want to talk to your doctor and have them prescribe the medication for you and also speak detailed to you about the recommended dosage instructions.

Never assume that by taking more of your medication you will be able to feel even better, because in fact, you will be reversing the effect and making your condition worse.

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