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What You Can Do To Relieve Gout Pain?

What You Can Do To Relieve Gout Pain

Gout is a very painful disease. If you are prone to this problem, here are a few therapies to contemplate putting into place to help you lower the risk of further painful outbreaks.

Another powerful remedy to use in the fight against this disease is vitamin C. This potent vitamin helps keep uric acid in check. It helps the body put a stop to turning purines into uric acid.

Uric acid is a regular part of your body’s metabolism. However, when your body can’t process them efficiently you can have problems. The extra crystals can accumulate in your joints and induce painful swelling and joint damage.

Pineapples are very beneficial against gout pain. This is because of a property they contain called bromelain. This property is used for reducing inflammation. In fact, it is sometimes used to help people with swelling after surgery.

If you choose to use bromelain as a supplement, use only as directed. As with any medical information, you should seek your doctor’s counsel prior to using any supplement. Bromelain is a blood thinner, so don’t forget to inform your physician especially if you are on Coumadin or aspirin.

Because potassium helps make uric acid into a solution versus crystals, potassium is very helpful in getting rid of gout. The government recommended daily allowance is 3500mg per day. Adding potassium rich foods to your diet will help you achieve the benefits you are looking for.

Proper hydration is very important for gout patients. When you are properly hydrated, uric acid has a harder time crystallizing in the body. This crystallization is what causes most of the pain in your joints, due to the damage and swelling that is caused by your body trying to correct the damage to your joints. So, drink plenty of water.

Getting rid of foods from your diet such as hamburgers and hot dogs can make a big difference in your fight against gout. Not only will skipping these high purine foods help keep your uric acid levels in check, they will help you in your overall state of health.

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