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Why Do Your Joints Hurt?

Why Do Your Joints Hurt

Arthralgia is also referred as joint pain. Join pain is caused by injuries that affect your ligament, tendons or burse which are surrounded by the joints. Injuries that cause the joint pain can also occur in cartilage or bones that are within you joints.

Joint inflammation has many features and pain is one of them. Joint pain can lead to arthritis (both rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis). It can also lead to infections. Tumour can be a reason of joint pain but it is rare. There can be so many reasons of this joint pain.

This article is based on all the crucial information regarding joint pain, why do your joints hurt, the reason, solutions and everything.

The inflammation occurs inside the joints because of the irritation of nerve endings. As cartilage does not have any nerve endings, you cannot tell whether your cartilage has got damaged or not. But if it is damaged badly then the bone that is underneath the cartilage will also start aching and it will start changing its shape. Then you will feel the pain because your bones have nerve endings.

Joints pain can also occur if you are overweight. When you get overweight, it is a bit difficult for your body to carry your overweighed body. And then it can cause your joints to pain. Because when you put an extra amount of pressure on your hands or any of your body parts, it starts aching.

Joint pain causing arthritis is very bad for your muscle stamina. It reduces your muscle stamina. Because of arthritis you become tired quickly and cannot do a task properly. When you push yourself to do that task or complete that task, it causes your joints to ache. Arthritis also causes to damage your ligaments by making them slack. Because of that your joints and muscles suffer from extra strain and they start aching.

Inflammation can occur in anywhere around your joints. It can occur in any structures around your joints as well. Let me mention the places where inflammation can occur:

Bursa: Inflammation can occur here. When it happens, your muscles along with your tendons run smoothly over your joints. Bursa of your hip joints and your shoulder suffer from such incident.

Ligaments that are holding your joints together: Inflammation can occur in the ligaments of your which are holding your joints together. Your knee joints suffer from such inflammation the most.

All of your body parts are interrelated to each other. They are connected with one another somehow. So, if any of your inner body part is injured, another body part can also start aching because of that. Sciatica can be an example of that. If a nerve of your back somehow got injured, there is a possibility that you feel pain in your legs or in your knees. So you can feel your joints aching because of that too.

There can be many reasons of joint pains. So, it is always wise to consult a doctor and seek his help. Your therapist or doctor can tell you the exact cause of your pain and can give you solution and proper medication for that. Apart from medication, there are so many ways through which you can reduce the pain of your joints.

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